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Appelllate Bookbinding

Retain us for your Appellate Division First and Second Department velo binding needs. Email your brief and appellate record and we will print and bookbind the appropriate number of copies for the appopriate Department. If you wish to retain us for filing, you can do that as well and we can prepare the electronic filing as well.


Appellate Bookbinding

This service does not include either writing or editing the brief. We also do not obtain the record and we do not gather the record on appeal. This is a printing service that produces the appropriate number of velo bound copies of the brief and record on appeal for filing. A separate fee for the actual filing is required along with the appropriate filing fee. Turn around time is estimated at 24 hours and your filing can be presented to us by thumb drive, email or paper copy. We use quality paper for the brief copies and quality card stock for the covers.